You look into Amazon, Target, or any number of our go to's and purchase what is called a reflux infant wedge for a baby.  You get it and hope that this will at least alleviate a little bit of the problem.  It doesn' then you talk to your pediatrician and you decide it is a good plan to go ahead and put baby on Zantac or Prevacid because you want your baby to just feel better and for feeding to be a more pleasurable experience.  You wait a week (or maybe even two) and still the reflux perseveres or seems just a little better.  If you are breastfeeding, you try to cut out any variety of foods, or if you are formula feeding, you buy one of the specialty ones that should reduce the reflux.  However, it is STILL happening.  Well friends, this is probably one of a parent's biggest challenges with newer babies and an area close to my heart.  I can't solve it.  However, I can guide you through some of the myths and the "whys" these methods do or do not work.  We have our big event at Colony Club tomorrow and then Shopkeepers on Thursday so I need to get some rest, but I will be posting soon to navigate through the above areas

Sarah Laryea