Wellbaby 2 (4-8 months)

Wellbaby 2 (4-8 months)

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November 9th-December 14th @ Colony Club, Thursdays, 1-2:15 PM, sign up

November 10th-December 15th@ Colony Club, Fridays 3:15 PM-4:30 PM, sign up



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Wellbaby 2 (4-8 months)

Things are now starting to get interesting! This time can also be challenging because some families have to return to work and worry about missing out on this time. These sessions will cover the basic foundation that later skills are built upon.

  • How to help your child learn to roll and transition to sit
  • Preparing your child to use their hands for later functional play
  • Continued screening for head preference or flat head
  • How to move from cooing to babbling
  • Appropriate toys to introduce and their impact on the developing sensory system and play
  • How and when to introduce first foods
  • Early fine motor skills for feeding