Wellbaby 2 (Ready Set Roll)

Wellbaby 2 (Ready Set Roll)

from 30.00

April 25th- May 9, Thursdays@ Colony Club, 2:15 PM-3:15 PM, sign up



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Wellbaby 2 (Ready, Set, Roll)

Things are now starting to get interesting! Your baby is becoming more mobile and noticing more about the world! This class is best suited towards babies that are starting to roll and nearing crawling.  We focus on your child's current skills and build upon them. 

  • Helping your child roll independently both ways
  • Helping your child achieve independent sitting and transitions to sit.
  • Preparing your child to use hands for later functional play
  • Continued screening for head preference or flat head
  • Cooing to babbling and other early language skills
  • Appropriate toys to introduce and their impact on the developing sensory system and play
  • Understanding if your child is ready for first foods
  • Early fine motor skills for feeding