Wellbaby 1 with Infant Massage (0 to 4 months)

Wellbaby 1 with Infant Massage (0 to 4 months)

from 30.00

New 5 Week Series: August 24th-September 21st@ Colony Club, 9-10 AM, sign up

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Wellbaby 1 with Infant Massage (Newbies- generally newborn to 4 months):

Thursdays, 9:00-10:00 AM @ Colony Club

You have a new baby...now what? This 5-week class is designed to help families understand how to develop their interaction skills with their newborn. Although we do not focus specifically on age, generally this group is most appropriate for babies not yet rolling and demonstrating early social skills such as smiling.

Focus areas of the class includes:

  • Importance of floor time play and its link to other developmental skills
  • Alternative positions to work on tummy time for those babies that may get frustrated on their belly
  • Appropriate toys for this age and how to utilize these within play and daily life
  • Building early language skills
  • Strategies for soothing
  • Development of your baby’s senses and how these link to learning and play
  • Screening for head preference or flattening of head

Includes full infant massage by certified educator of infant massage