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Enhancing development through play, empowering caregivers with information

At Playwell, our primary focus isto enhance the overall development and wellness of your child through play. We offer workshops, courses, individual evaluations and therapy sessions, and consultations for caregivers and their  children ages newborn through four years. We believe that play stimulates growth and inspires confidence in young children and that providing information about child development empowers caregivers. 



Supporting pre and post natal women with tools, information, and community

Playwell offers workshops and courses for pre and postnatal women through our Wellmama series as well as individual sessions with our pelvic floor therapist. We believe that an information-driven approach to pre and postnatal wellness and development allow mothers to feel confident in their shifting roles and changing bodies. 

WELLBABY & WELLMAMA Classes & Workshops  

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WELLBABY & Wellmama Individual Evaluation & Therapy

Offering speech, occupational, and pelvic floor therapy. 

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 Navigating the DC Lottery, In partnership with Elemeno and Lindsay Ferrer of Lead Consulting

You've heard about DC's free pre-kindergarten, but have you combed through the government websites, done the detailed enrollment research, or fully understood which charter or public schools work best for different families?

Weds Jan 30 6:15-7:30 PM

Tues Feb 12 6:15-7:30 PM

Sign up: https://elemeno.club/dc-prek-lottery

Can’t make a weeknight? Click here for Saturday 2/9/19 @ Colony Club

2/9 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM at Colony Club (upstairs)