Weekly classes 

  • Optimize a child’s sensory, cognitive, motor, language, feeding, and social emotional development through play
  • Build new skills from previous sessions
  • Allow caregivers and parents to bond and feel empowered while learning new skills to support their child’s development
  • Support a child at their current level of development and facilitate continued growth (in other words we don't just look at age)
  • Each series is somewhat different, therefore baby can stay in same series but always experience new opportunities

Class series are 5-weeks long with new skills each week


$30/Try it out/drop in

Well Baby Series

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  • 1 makeup session is allowed per series and series can be prorated-just email us if this applies to you
  • You can start mid series and bump up to the next series at any point in time
  • It is ok if your baby sleeps the majority of the series, just come for the bonding, chance to watch other babies, and learn information
  • Babies are unpredictable they will usually cry, eat, sleep, and smile all in one short session, we are prepared for that
  • Each series is always different, outside of the massage strokes, so you can stay in the same one for several times and always get new experiences