Register for our five-week long course for babies ages four weeks to four years and their caregivers. Through play, children and their caregivers explore and strengthen their sensory, cognitive, motor, and language development while bonding and learning ideas of how to further development at home. Activities include songs, massage, motor play, sensory play, and fun seasonal themes. 

Frequently asked questions

One makeup session is allowed per series and series can be prorated - just email us if this applies to you

If you have twins or multiples, contact us for pricing

You can start mid series and bump up to the next series at any point in time

It is ok if your baby sleeps the majority of the series, just come for the bonding, chance to watch other babies, and learn information

Babies are unpredictable. They will usually cry, eat, sleep, and smile all in one short session. We expect it and are prepared for it.

Each series is always different, with the exception of the infant massage strokes, so you can stay in the same series for several sessions and always get new experiences

What does a typical class look like? While we try to stick to a general schedule, we always the needs and cues of babies and their caregivers. Usually the first few minutes we settle in and then we have welcome song, massage, motor play, and sensory play. Throughout songs and seasonal themes are weaved in. 


WellBaby Series