thoughts from our clients

"Lori is simply amazing! Our son was born a micro preemie and didn't say a word when he turned two. He then, started seeing Lori weekly. Lori is very attentive and genuinely cares. She always listens to any concerns we have and addresses then almost immediately. Our son absolutely adores her! He asks for her all the time and looks forward to her sessions. They always seem to have so much fun during their sessions. Our son just turned four and we are amazed at how far his speech has evolved. He has an extensive vocabulary, asks questions and responds to them. He's a typical chatterbox now and it's all thanks to Lori. We certainly feel very blessed to have her work with our son." Catherine

"Lori works with my boys, both with ASD. She's fantastic and excellent! She's been very helpful with our concerns, which addresses beyond what is expected of her. We are very happy that my boys have worked with her." Noreen

"My daughter, now 13 months, has had a somewhat rough journey so far in her short life.  She was born with hypertonic muscles and torticollis, and was very tense and tight, having difficulties moving her arms and neck.  Thankfully this was all resolved with some physical therapy and consistent exercising.  But at the beginning, our pediatrician was not able to offer any productive suggestions, so I sought out a friend who is a pediatric occupational therapist, and she put me in touch with Sarah Laryea.  Out of the kindness of her heart, Sarah saw us on her off-time and assessed my daughter.  She was kind and gentle, and gave us knowledgeable observations as well as suggestions.  She put us at ease that our daughter was fine, but just needed some exercise and work.  It was she who encouraged us to seek out early intervention services, and through that avenue we began physical therapy.  Months later, after my daughter's gross motor concerns were resolved, we began to notice some other difficulties she was having in terms of sensory needs.  Sarah again took time out of her busy life to meet with us and be of help.  She was very professional, going through a sensory profile with me, and assessing my daughter again even though this was just a personal meeting outside of her professional arena.  Sarah provided me with a list of exercises to practice with my daughter, and also explained what she felt were her sensory aversions and needs.  I left feeling more knowledgeable about my daughter's needs, with a plan for what I could do to help her.  Sarah's advice also encouraged me to seek out occupational therapy for my daughter through our early intervention services. 

One of Sarah's suggestions for my daughter who finds it difficult to settle and calm herself, and also has aversions to being on her back, was to slide her around the floor of our home on a large blanket.  This slightly silly sounding recommendation has been such a huge life-changer for her, and for us!  My daughter, who cannot lie on her back to be changed or to sleep, asks for blanket rides throughout each day; she lies on the blanket and completely relaxes her body for the entirety of the 'ride;' watching her be completely relaxed and calm like that is one of my favorite things, as she is unable to do so in any other part of her day.  I love seeing her so peaceful. 

Sarah is gentle and calm with her patients, creating a safe and comfortable environment for both her young patients, and their worried parents.  She listens fully to parents' concerns and validates them, and then gives them a realistic plan of action.  I highly recommend seeking out Sarah's services if you are concerned about your child's development and are looking for someone who can help." Lauren